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Using Lego Blocks To Learn Symmetry!

Using Duplo for learning!

I mean why learn letters, shapes and symmetry the boring way when you can have so much fun with Duplo blocks? 

If you and your kids have been staying a lot more at home, you will find that you need more easy-to-prepare activities to engage them meaningfully. I have been saving good activities I see on Instagram and Facebook so that I can use them during the weekends. One activity I really love is this learning activity using Duplo blocks. I already have these blocks at home. I use our learning cards for this activity. If you don't have our learning cards, you can also just write the letter on a piece of paper. I did not buy a mirror but simply used the one I have in my bedroom. There's no preparation needed which is like so good! 

Before I proceed, some of you might wonder if it is too early to introduce symmetry to a preschooler. 

I started introducing symmetry to my son when he was almost 5 years old. He's turning 6 this year. He is still not too good at symmetry but with more symmetry activities, he will be much better. :)

I started by talking to him about symmetry whenever I have opportunities. I would cut an apple into half and show him what symmetry is. I fold and cut papers to illustrate the concept of symmetry. When I bring him out, I look out for objects and buildings which I can show him to reinforce his understanding of symmetry. 

On Sunday, I gave him a challenge - to create letters using the Duplo bricks and the mirror in my room. He had to apply what he learnt in our past symmetry lessons and activities to complete this challenge. I am glad he persevered. It wasn't easy for him but he could complete it after a few tries. 

Try this symmetry activity with your preschooler! Have you started teaching your child SYMMETRY? 

This symmetry activity was inspired by @happytotshelf. Follow @happytotshelf on instagram for great learning activities. 



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